About Me

Who I Am, and What I Do

My past to me is not as significant as is my current existence. I live in the flow of the divine being in my life and share the love, light, and peace that is given to me through my faith in one divine being.

That said, I do feel that some find information of my past important and so I’ll share that with you. My childhood was in the catholic church and I have followed a Christian faith in my adult years. Yet, that does not exclude my understanding and respect for other people’s faith and beliefs. I feel that the many different forms of religion and faith, as long as there is love at its core no matter who is your way shower; then I support their decision to follow that which an individual feels lead to or is what they were taught to follow. I have and continue to follow my heart and lead by God to do my service for the unity consciousness.

I am a licensed registered nurse and have been in the medical field for most all of my adult years. I have worked in numerous different specialties since getting my RN degree and I enjoy that healing aspect of my life. I am a vegan after finding many faults in my diet that was causing me to have many health problems. I have since given up meat as found that the meat was not healthy for me; I also feel that the consumption of eating another consciousness was not for me as I felt that it was a source that brought my vibration down. I do not promote that for everyone; this is just something I follow. I find that eating a good healthy food source and limiting my simple sugar intake was vital in healing myself and that is backed by science. I have a section on my site that goes into more detail, so please look at it for further explanations. I exercise and recommend it very highly, and have started doing yoga as well as meditation. I teach a mindfulness class and I feel that this is something that most people can change about themselves very easily.

In my spiritual walk and work; I am self-studied through meditation, prayer, and allowing the teacher to find me when I was ready for them to show up. I started by recognizing the negativity in my life and started to speak and act more positively. I was shown a series of comprehensive videos about spirituality and dove in head first. If interested, it was the series by “Spirit Science”, as I watched and those short snippets interested me, I did further research of the things that were resonating with me. It blossomed for me from there. I do follow astrology realizing that God has given us many road signs to follow. I believe the one true universal language is math/geometry and I follow numerology for my own understanding. I believe in the power of the Merkaba and I work with mine daily. I also feel that many galactic beings are here in this time to assist and guide humanity on the greatest journey which lies ahead of humanity. I am also a medium and have been able to help people dealing with entities that have been very profound help in their lives. I am also a strong empath and have been using that to help people for many years; as well as use that in my healing and medical practices.

I have strong belief that God has given us many blessings through our earth and sun; and that our mother earth takes good care of us. This is through many different modalities some of those being good clean pure water, as close to organic of a food source I can find, and using crystals and stones. Everything can have an impact on our lives if we are open and willing to receive it. My body is what I make of it and in taking good care of it is very important to me.

I’d love to share more of what I’ve learned and what I can do to help you. If you’d like to know more; please email me at tj@aruraholsticarts.com. Also, please follow the tabs to see what I offer and how I can help.

Thank you, may Love and Light be upon you.