Sugar Cookies

Have you ever made sugar cookies?

I have and find that they are the perfect combination “not too hard but not so easy.” What a conundrum!

The ingredients are pretty basic: butter, sugar, flour, egg, baking soda, and of course, almond extract. Mixing these together will form the dough for rolling and cutting shapes of the cookies out.

Sometimes my rolled dough will have high and low points throughout, we use a plethora of different shapes to cut out the cookies including, stars, trees, crescent moons, circles, bunnies, ovals, and the list goes on.

As we press our shapes into the dough it leaves holes, some small, others large, depending on the shape of the cookie cutter. We all hope the cookies will turn out sweet, but just like life…sometimes they can turn out a little bitter…”the cookies of our life”.

Just like in life, we need to face the cookie; no matter the shape, or the aftertaste that it may leave behind. As we age, our “dough” may get sweet or bitter with life’s add ins, some dough is lost and some ingredients are added to make the dough last longer, as we try to make our lives cookie always taste sweet.

Occasionally, certain events in life will cause us to really SEE and FEEL the holes left in our dough, stopping us in our tracks and sometimes causing us to become stuck in the experience. Once we realize that the “dough” remains, and this is not the end of our cookie making, we can then choose to pull the dough back together, roll it out again and continue to make moist, sweet, cookies; or we can choose, to sit in our sorrow and allow the holes in the dough to become dry, hard, and crumbly and eventually turn to dust.

Sometimes the lesson is, add a bit of icing to give the cookies a different taste of sweetness, maybe covering up the hint of bitterness that was left behind, or we can just continue to create plain, magical sugar cookies. Either way you choose to make them, may they always bring a smile to your face, even if the hole initially brought you to tears.