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Welcome! I’m TJ Rodgers, Energy healing to ingtegrate body mind and spirit.

Sugar Cookies

Have you ever made sugar cookies? I have and find that they are the perfect combination “not too hard but not so easy.” What a conundrum! The ingredients are pretty basic: butter, sugar, flour, egg, baking soda, and of course, almond extract. Mixing these together will form the dough for rolling and cutting shapes of …

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This is a website that will be changing frequently with new content added and updates made to keep current; so please check back often to learn more and see what’s new and innovative! Meanwhile, this is a very exciting time in the collective consciousness and I’m here as a light worker, teacher, guide and healer …

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Forgiveness and Why It Matters

There seems to be some confusion as to why it’s important to forgive someone of something they did that hurt you so very badly. How do you know what needs to be forgiven? Ever talk to someone about an issue and it just seems to trigger in you a very strong emotion? An issue that …

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